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    1x96 Well Plate
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        • The SAN HQ ELISA is a chromogenic enzyme-linked sandwich immunosorbent assay for the quantitative determination of SAN HQ in 96 well microplate format. The SAN HQ ELISA uses two different SAN HQ specific monoclonal antibodies for the antigen capture and detection steps. The SAN HQ ELISA kit includes a SAN HQ antibody pre-coated microplate in a ready-to-use state, a SAN HQ solution for the preparation of calibration samples and control samples and additional components required for assay developing. The calibration and control samples and the samples to be analysed can be placed at any position into the assay plate. The assay has a detection and quantification range of 25.6 ng to 0.4 ng SAN HQ per mL. 80 samples in single determinations or 40 samples in duplicate determinations can be measured within a SAN HQ ELISA assay plate. The samples need to be diluted at least 2-fold into Dilution Buffer for the measurement. Per single determination, 100 microliters of the sample will be required. The assay is carried out according to a standard ELISA protocol at ambient temperature on a microplate shaker. The assay can be performed manually or semi-automated. The assay uses a TMBbased chromogenic substrate, which is measured at a wavelength of 450 nm after stopping the detection reaction. The absorbance of the developed dye is directly related to the amount of SAN HQ contained in the analysed sample. The test requires an execution time of approximately 5 hours.

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          Enzyme Immunoassay for the Quantitative Measurement of the Salt Active Nuclease (SAN HQ)

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