Salt Active Nuclease High Quality ( SAN HQ )

Salt Active Nuclease High Quality ( SAN HQ )

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      • Overview
        • SAN High Quality (Bioprocessing grade) is the ultimate solution for efficient removal of nucleic acids in manufacturing and bioprocessing workflows. This nonspecific, recombinant endonuclease has optimum activity at high salt concentrations, which can improve efficiency and yield in various workflows.
          Salt is an important component of various purification schemes. The presence of salt can minimize aggregation, increase target solubility and improve target yield. High salt enables contaminating DNA to dissociate from associated proteins and become available for degradation. SAN High Quality is highly compatible with the use of high salt conditions.

          The main advantages of SAN High Quality
          • High purity (≥ 98%)
          • No protease detected
          • Animal origin-free production
          • Endotoxin-tested
          • Active at low temperatures
          • High activity at high salt conditions
          • Supplied with extended product documentation
          • Compatible with SAN HQ ELISA

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      • Properties
        • Source
          Pichia pastoris
          • Tolerance to typical buffer additives:
          o Imidazole: 20% activity at 350 mM Imidazole
          o Glycerol: 20% activity at 35% glycerol
          o Triton X-100: No reduction in activity (tested up to 15%)
          o SDS: Not recommended
          o Urea: Not recommended
          o Reducing agents (e.g. DTT, TCEP): will result in inactivation
          Molecular Weight
          The protein is glycosylated. Protein size without glycosylation is 26 kDa
          Temp: 0 – 40°C, optimal 35°C
          NaCl: 50mM – 1M, optimal NaCl is 0.5 M
          Mg2+ (>1 mM) is required for activity, optimal Mg2+ is 20 mM
          pH: 7.0 – 9.5, optimal pH is 9

          * For Research Use Only

      • Applications
        • Application Description
          Nonspecific endonuclease cleaving single- and double stranded DNA and RNA. The enzyme degrades DNA vs. RNA in a 10:1 ratio

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