Multiplex TEMPase 2x Master Mix

Multiplex TEMPase 2x Master Mix

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A260301; A260303; A260306; A260307
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        • Multiplex TEMPase Master Mix is developed for the simultaneous amplification of two or more amplicons in a single tube. Multiplex TEMPase Master Mix minimises the need for optimisation and makes the development of multiplex PCR fast and easy.

          Amplification of multiple PCR products in one tube
          Diminished formation of non-specific products
          Detection of low abundance targets
          Reaction set-up at room temperature
          High sensitivity, sensitivity and product yield

          Multiplex 2x Master Mix is composed of TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase and a specialised buffer system designed for multiplex PCR. TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase is well suited for multiplex PCR due to its high specificity. MgCl2 is enclosed in the multiplex kit to enable optimisation.

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