HAV Real-TM PCR kit

HAV Real-TM PCR kit

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        • Hepatitis A (HAV) PCR kit
          Real Time Amplification test for detection of Hepatitis A virus (HAV)

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          The Hepatitis A (HAV) virus is the enteric infection most widely spread in the world. HAV is one of the five most economically significant infectious diseases and one of the priority problems of the public healthcare.
          Detection of HAV RNA by PCR method has significant advantages as related to ELISA and biochemical tests at detection of the virus in blood of contact persons as RNA of the hepatitis A virus manifests itself in the blood on the third week from the moment of contamination and is detected at the average within 20 days after appearance of the disease symptoms. Thus, RNA is the first diagnostic marker detected in the patient blood, occurs earlier than a HAV IgM and gives no falsely negative reactions.
          Detection of HAV RNA with the help of PCR in feces is possible from the third week of the incubation period and up to three months after manifestation of the disease symptoms. Detection of RNA has more advantages (by 1000 times more at the least) as compared to detection of HAV-Ag in environmental entities (drinking or waste waters, waters from impounded surface waters and so on).

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          Hepatitis Viruses

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          Real Time Amplification test for detection of Hepatitis A virus (HAV)



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