Extra large Drying Traps (up to 4 liters acetonitrile solution)

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          Drying Traps
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          DNA moisture traps are used for maintaining moisture-free environments in oligonucleotide synthesis. The use of these traps will generate super anhydrous conditions for high quality full length DNA/RNA. The traps are available in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. DNA moisture traps are shipped fully activated in vacuum sealed foil packets and are ready for immediate use. These traps allow highly effective drying of either phosphoramidite solution in acetonitrile, Tetrazole solution in acetonitrile (activator solution), or anhydrous acetonitrile (used to make either phosphoramidite solutions or activator solutions). In addition, the use of these traps in the acetonitrile bottles wash cycle in the DNA synthesizer will maintain a dry environment which results in consistently high coupling in the synthesis per cycle. The traps also restore the usability of “wet” acetonitrile (app. 250 ppm moisture content) by reducing the moisture content below 50 ppm.

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