ELAREM™ Kit Matrix Research Grade - hPL Gel

ELAREM™ Kit Matrix Research Grade - hPL Gel

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        • ELAREM™ Matrix Kit provides a cell culture system based on human Platelet Lysate that is suitable for 2D and 3D cell culture applications. The kit consists of ELAREM™ Matrix, a human Platelet Lysate gel, and ELAREM™ Accelerator, a xeno-free additive inducing the instant gelation of the scaffold. This combination enables the three-dimensional embedding of cells within the gel scaffold as well as the two-dimensional cell seeding on a viscous surface.

          The patent-protected technology provides both a nutrient source and a viscous scaffold in one – resembling the natural cell environment. Cells benefit from a uniform growth factor distribution and can grow homogeneously in several layers, which minimizes contact inhibition with artificial biomaterials. Consequently, the cell morphology is closer to its native morphology.

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          Human Platelet Lysate
          -20°C or below
          on dry ice

          * For Research Use Only.

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