CellGem™ Single Cell Capture and Culture Slide

CellGem™ Single Cell Capture and Culture Slide

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      • Overview
        • Innovative single cell culture

          CellGem is a simple and smart single cell capture and culture platform. It utilizes microfluidic technology which enables precise cell manipulation at high-throughput and small reagent consumption.
          The CellGem platform comprises of an array of microwells for capturing single cells, coupled with a corresponding array of culture wells for long-term culture of the single cells.

          ▪ High single cell efficiency
          ▪ High cell viability
          ▪ Reduce sample consumption
          ▪ Easy operation (only a standard pipette needed)
          ▪ Easy observation
          ▪ High cells growth rate

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      • Properties
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          Single Cell Culture

          * For Research Use Only

      • Applications
        • Application Description
          Stable cell line development
          - Monoclonal antibody production
          - Gene transfection/editing
          Cell heterogeneity studies
          - Cancer stem cells
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