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Cat. No. Mfr. No. Description Specification Price Quantity
3B01055498-01 BIOPRINT_PRO_1Y A fixed license in 1-year increments 1 year $1,680
3B01055498-02 BIOPRINT_PRO_5Y A fixed license in 5-year increments 5 years $7,000

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    • Introduction
      • Introduction

        Designing and building with life is easier now than ever before.

        Our integrated software solution, Allevi Bioprint Online, empowers novice and expert 3D bioprinting users alike to quickly and easily achieve their goals. Allevi Bioprint will completely change the way you run bioprinting experiments.

        Bioprint Pro adds a host of additional features and improvements. It is available as a recurring monthly subscription, or as a fixed license in 1-year and 5-year increments.

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      • License Duration
        1 Year, 5 Years
        One-time payment

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