Solid Dosage Processing Equipment

Solid dosage processing equipment is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of a wide range of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms including granules, powders, tablets, capsules, and coated tablets. A range of specialized instrumentation has been designed for stable and efficient solid dosage manufacturing.

Powder dosage is the simplest dosage form and the basis of other solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules. Granules are a dosage form consisting of powder particles that are aggregated to form a larger particle by wet or dry granulation methods. The equipment is required to pulverize and homogenize raw material granules or lumps, prior to the manufacture of powders and granules. Wet granulators include high-shear granulators, fluidized bed granulators, or planetary mixers. They mix the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and excipients with the liquid binder to form uniform granule size by the action of wetting, shearing, and squeezing forces. After granulation, the wet granules need to be dried by the oven, fluidized bed drying, or spray drying to remove the remaining moisture. In contrast, dry granulators do not require the addition of a liquid binder and rely on the material's adhesive properties to achieve particle formation.

Tablets are solid dosage forms made by pressing pharmaceutical raw materials and excipients. The processing mainly relies on a tablet press, and machine for the compression of powdered or granular materials into tablets with precise size, shape, and weight. Tablet presses typically include rotary and single punch presses to achieve high-speed production of consistent tablets. In addition, perforated coating equipment is used to provide a uniform coating on tablets and granules to improve dissolution speed, mouthfeel, and stability of solid dosage forms.

Capsules are solid dosage forms made by filling pharmaceutical ingredients or particles into a capsule shell, including hard capsules and soft capsules. The manufacturing mainly involves capsule-filling machines, which ensure precise dosage and proper capsule sealing, meeting the requirements of the capsule-specific dimensions and filling process during the filling of pharmaceutical powders or granules.

Solid dosage processing equipment plays a vital role in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of solid dosage processing equipment to ensure the production of high-quality, homogeneous, and efficient solid dosage forms.

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