Laboratory Fume Hoods

A laboratory fume hood is essential safety equipment in any laboratory setting for maintaining worker safety and managing laboratory contamination. A fume hood consists of a flat workspace enclosed in a large metal cabinet fronted by a moveable glass door or sash. Laboratory fume hoods are used in a variety of labs, including those focused on medical research, environmental studies, high-tech industries, and general scientific research. The design, size and functionality of these hoods can vary significantly based upon the specific needs of the laboratory.

The two main types of fume hoods are ductless fume hoods and ducted fume hood. According to material, design, and application, fume hoods can be divided into polypropylene fume hoods, portable fume hoods, bench-top fume hoods, chemical fume hoods, etc., with various airflow controls. Fume hood controls include constant air volume (CAV), variable air volume (VAV) and two-state (two speed) control. The ducted fume hoods are connected to existing facility ductwork, which enables them to draw contaminated air through the hood and direct it outside of the facility and into the atmosphere. Ductless fume hoods contain filters that effectively clean contaminated air and recirculate it directly back into the laboratory, without requiring additional ductwork for exhausting air to the outside.

Factors to consider when selecting a laboratory fume hood include the type of experiments conducted, the hazardous materials used, the ventilation requirements, and physical space of the laboratory. Energy consumption varies considerably between hoods and is also an important consideration. Amerigo Scientific provides laboratory fume hoods with energy efficiency, long life, and reliable performance. Every aspect of our fume hood design focuses on efficient operation.

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