Laminar Flow Hoods (Clean Benches)

Laminar flow hoods, also called clean benches, prevent air contamination by providing uniform HEPA-filtered air flow across the work area. Laminar flow hoods are designed to provide a sterile environment to protect the sample material, but does not provide protection for the operator or the environment because the air flow is directly out of the cabinet. Therefore, potentially infectious materials, toxins, or volatile chemicals should never be handled in a laminar flow hood, otherwise contaminated air may blow to the operator and the surrounding environment.

Laminar flow hoods provide an aseptic space to treat materials without contaminating it with particulates such as microorganisms. The laminar flow clean bench is ideal for use in pharmaceutical compounding, microbial research, histopathology research, tissue and cell culture, microelectronics and optics assembly and other non-hazardous applications that need sterile environment. Both horizontal and vertical laminar hoods can be configured to meet ISO 4 or ISO 5 classifications. The vertical laminar flow clean bench draws air from under the hood, filters it with a HEPA filter, and then forces the air through the workspace and out the hood. The vertical laminar flow clean bench is preferable in the case of limited floor space. Compared to a vertical flow system, a horizontal flow hood requires more floor space to accommodate the rear-mount filter unit and some additional rear clearance to allow air to enter the system. Generally, important factors in the selection of a clean bench include installation location, clearance requirements, material size, work surface design, and operator safety. Amerigo Scientific provides high quality laminar flow hoods with long-term reliability and comfort that are ideal for electronic assembly, tissue culture, medium preparation, and other non-hazardous applications that require a sterile environment.

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