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Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) cabinets, also known as PCR workstations or PCR hoods, are specialized laboratory enclosures designed to provide DNA and RNA contaminant-free environment for PCR experiments through HEPA filters, UV light sterilization, antimicrobial metal, or a combination of the above. HEPA filters are utilized to generate air laminar flow, effectively preventing the ingress of contaminants into the workspace and protecting PCR samples from airborne contaminants. PCR cabinets with incorporated HEPA filters offer filtration efficiency of 99.999% and retention of particles 0.3 µm and larger. Dead-air or still-air boxes provide a circulation-free environment for the amplification and manipulation of DNA/RNA. The UV sterilization system is used in a dead air box to prevent potential contamination.

Amplification processes are very sensitive and require an appropriate sterile environment to obtain accurate PCR results. Amerigo Scientific offers high-performance PCR cabinets that protect the work environment and DNA/RNA samples from contamination, solving the serious problem of process contamination and cross-contamination.

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Polypropylene PCR-HEPA Cabinet
Polypropylene PCR-HEPA Cabinet

Price: $3,925 - $5,020

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