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Laboratory clothing is an important part of safety protocols in scientific and research environments. Proper protective measures help protect laboratory personnel from potential hazards, such as chemical spills, biological contaminants, and physical injury. Lab coats, gloves, shoe covers, headgear, and goggles are used to ensure the safety of your project personnel and the reliability of your experimental data.

Lab coats are typically made of durable and liquid-resistant materials such as cotton, polyester, or synthetic fiber blends. The clothing can provide a protective barrier between the researchers and potential contaminants, preventing chemical splashes, liquid minor spills, and the spread of biological agents.

Gloves are essential for hand protection in laboratories, where hand skins are often exposed to a variety of hazardous substances. Different types of gloves are available for specific applications. Nitrile gloves with excellent durability, puncture, and tear resistance, are suitable for handling chemicals, solvents, and biological agents. Latex gloves with excellent elasticity and fit conform closely to the contours of the hand to provide dexterity and maneuverability and to reduce hand fatigue. Vinyl gloves are a cost-effective option for providing basic protection against light chemical exposure and biological agents. In addition, cut-resistant gloves prevent sharp objects and cutting hazards when handling glassware, blades, or sharp instruments.

Shoe covers are usually made of disposable materials such as plastic or non-woven fabric and are usually worn over regular shoes. Shoe covers help maintain a clean and controlled environment to prevent outside contaminants from being carried by shoes into the laboratory, especially in areas where sterility is critical, such as lab cleanrooms.

Headgear includes balaclavas and disposable hoods made of lightweight, breathable materials, which are used to cover hair and prevent hair or dandruff from falling into the work area. Safety goggles or protective eyewear are a laboratory necessity to protect eyes from chemical splashes, debris splatters, or potential laser hazards.

Towel curtains, also known as absorbent towels or pads, can quickly absorb spills, providing surface protection for countertops or benches, laboratory equipment protection, and safe handling of contaminated materials.

Laboratory apparel plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and health of laboratory personnel. Amerigo Scientific offers a wide range of laboratory apparel so that researchers can select the appropriate products to wear for the specific tasks, chemicals, and biological agents they are working with.

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