Microbial Microdroplet Culture System (MMC)

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ME01474557-01 25-40°C, fluctuation ±0.5°C EA Inquiry

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Product Description
Product Description
Microbial Microdroplet Culture system (MMC) is a miniaturized, automated and intelligent high-throughput microbial culture instrument developed based on droplet microfluidic technology. A single microfluidic chip contains about 0~200 droplet culture units, and the volume of each droplet unit is about 2-3μL. It can carry out 350-800nm full wavelength scanning and fluorescence excitation detection on the droplets (optional). During the culture process, the growth of microorganisms (OD detection range up to 15) and the change of fluorescence intensity (0-60000 counts) can be detected online at the same time. It can realize automatic subculture, accompanied by multi gradient addition of chemical factors. Continuous culture time up to 15 days (or 100 generations). After culture, automatic strain sorting can be carried out according to the growth status.
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