Single Cell Microliter-droplet Culture Omics System (MISS)

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ME01474558-01 Droplet sorting rate: 1800-2500/h EA Inquiry

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Product Description
Product Description
Single Cell Microliter-droplet Culture Omics System (MISS cell omics system) is a miniaturized high-throughput single-cell culture and sorting equipment developed based on droplet microfluidic technology, which can separate and cultivate environmental flora at the single-cell level, sort and store it in a porous plate to form a double backup. About 5000 droplets (500 monoclonal antibodies) can be processed in a single operation. After the droplets are generated, they are stored in the high permeability pipeline for incubation (0-8 days). Finally, they are detected and sorted by optical signals (OD, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, etc.). The sorted droplets enter the porous plate and can form a double backup.
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