CoolHome-X1, Freezer (-20°C to 0°C)

1. CoolHome is easy to assemble and use. Simply store the core in a freezer at -80 °C or -20 °C for a few hours (see table below).
2. Select the corresponding energy core and insert it into the base of CoolHome during use.
3. Put the required BlockHome test tube module on the frozen core, and then insert your test tube or plate sample into the BlockHome test tube module.
4. If dry ice is selected, take out the freezing core, fill 300ml~400ml directly in the original position of placing the freezing core, and then put the BlockHome test tube module on the dry ice.
5. If the X,X1 freezing core is taken out in the -80°C environment, it can be placed at room temperature for 10 minutes before being inserted into the base, so as to eliminate the excessively low surface temperature.
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LRE1437778-01 Temperature control range: -20°C-0°C, Freezing core: Type X1, Module: optional, Holding time: up to 14 hours Unit Inquiry

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Product Description
Product Description
CoolHome is a benchtop, new energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, and standardized, additive free freezer that can freeze samples at low temperatures all day long without power, ice or batteries. With longer cryopreservation and more accurate temperature control range, visible temperature, and highly stable thermal conductivity, to achieve the standardization of product freezing series operation. The CoolHome application is very flexible, suitable for different samples and temperatures. The template is designed so that it can be used for general purpose devices. Depending on the core selected, the CoolHome-X core allows the sample to be frozen at 0°C to 4°C for more than 14 hours. CoolHome-X1 core can allow samples to be frozen at -20°C to 0°C for more than 14 hours,CoolHome-X2 core can allow samples to be frozen at -22°C to -18°C for more than 6 hours. CoolHome can also be used with dry ice to create a compact, portable and quick-freezing device for bacteria, viruses, proteins, etc. Reduce problems caused by ice, such as changes in sample temperature, degradation of RNA in nucleases, and microbial contamination of cultures. Ideal for use in tissue culture hoods or other places where sterile procedures are required.
1. Provide all-day cooling or freezing of the sample without ice, electricity or batteries.
2, X, X1 and X2 type freezer cores provide the required cold source to achieve the required temperature.
3, suitable for a variety of thermal tubes and modules, including automatic friendly sample module.
4. Accurate temperature control, the temperature between holes is consistent to ensure the consistency of sample test results.
5, with alcohol easy to clean and high temperature, ultraviolet and other ways of disinfection.
6, durable outer material will not absorb liquid, if dropped will not break. Highly durable and suitable for frequent and repeated use.
7. Automated friendly sample modules and available devices can be used to briefly move cold samples to automatic instruments for processing.
8, simple and convenient reading module, at any time to read the BlockHome instant temperature.
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