ThawHome-B Cell Resuscitation Thawing Instrument

▪ Be sure to insert the sample into the corresponding resuscitate slot immediately after it is removed from the -80°C or -196°C environment. Otherwise, the temperature rise of the sample may trigger the cryogenic control function of the instrument and cause an alarm.
▪ After inserting the corresponding notch, press down vertically and the instrument will automatically lock and start recovery (tubular).
▪ Place the sample flat in the recovery tank and ensure that the maximum volume is aligned with the mapping point of the temperature probe. After the cover is closed, the instrument will automatically start recovery (bag type).
▪ After recovery, the sample will pop up automatically with a "drip" sound. Please reverse the sample twice as soon as possible and place it in a 4-degree environment for subsequent operations.
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CTS1437773-01 L300*W270*H170mm 4* B notch Unit $3,800

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Product Description
Product Description
Four-channel independent notch operation allows simultaneous recovery of four different samples, one is better than four (tubular). The retractable hot cover can be applied to samples of different sizes and different shapes. The four-direction air convection increases the temperature uniformity and stabilizes the sample resurrection rate (bag type). No hydration automatic thawing recovery, just put the sample into the instrument corresponding notch, reduce the risk of pollution. Full automatic recovery, to avoid the differentiation of artificial recovery. The display screen is independently displayed in four channels to observe the recovery status of samples in real time. Real-time alarm function, through data control and alarm, reduce the behavior of human misoperation affecting the survival rate of cells. Energy-saving and efficient, the full power of the whole machine is only 120 watts.
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Cell Thawing Systems
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