PearlLab Beam™ Compact Collimated Beam Device with UV LEDs

Enables researchers to determine UV Dose response data. The PearlLab Beam is used in leading laboratories around the world.
Cat. No. Specification Unit Price Quantity
UDS1410170-01 Single Wavelength, nominal 255nm EA Inquiry
UDS1410170-02 Single Wavelength, nominal 280nm EA Inquiry
UDS1410170-03 Dual Wavelength, nominal 255 & 280nm EA Inquiry
UDS1410170-04 Triple Wavelength, nominal 255, 265, & 280nm EA Inquiry
UDS1410170-05 Triple Wavelength, nominal 265, 280, & 310nm EA Inquiry
UDS1410170-06 Triple Wavelength, nominal 280, 310, & 365nm EA Inquiry

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Product Description
Product Description
Each bacteria, virus or spore has a unique sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Accurate determination of exposure times and wavelengths is a key step in characterizing cell behavior for any researcher or system designer. Collimating Beam Devices are a critical tool in providing a standardized unit of measurement for UV exposure.
Historically, these devices have used mercury-based lamps resulting in expensive, cumbersome, difficult to operate, and potentially dangerous systems. PearlLab Beam, from AquiSense Technologies, is a compact Collimated Beam Device which employs UV LEDs and emits radiation in the germicidal range. Its small size and ease of use allows the realization of a tabletop homogenized UV delivery system which can be operated in virtually any laboratory or field locations. The PearlLab Beam features a narrow band emission and is available in a suite of individually addressable wavelengths without the use of filters. As full UV-C intensity is reached in under 10mS, the use of a shutter is not necessary.
• Wavelength
Selectable power of each wavelength.
• Design
Custom design for 96-well plate designed in collaboration with Tel Aviv University.
• Intensity
Intensity Distribution at Petri Dish.
• Protection
Carrying case for PearlLab Beam for in-field research.
Product Details
Each unit provides a very uniform and stable irradiation spot with a Petri Dish Factor above 0.9. They can be used to uniformly irradiate Petri dishes up to 60mm in size. A proprietary integrated heat management system guarantees constant irradiation as a function of time. The temperature of each UV-LED is controlled with active feedback to ensure the intensity output remains constant. This prevents instant decay after turning on, which is typical of commercial UV LED sources. With UV-LED lifetimes up to 10,000 hours of constant wave operation, the PearlLab Beam requires no consumables.
The PearlLab Beam consists of a UVinaire, controller and collimating tube. Operation is extremely simple; place the Petri dish under the collimator tube, switch-on the desired wavelength(s) and expose the sample for a given time. Separate Intensity measurements can be made to calculate the UV Dose.
Far smaller and easier-to-use than mercury lamp-based collimated beam devices, the PearlLab Beam is an ideal addition to any laboratory working with UV Disinfection.
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