Droplet Entrapping Microfluidic Cell-sorter (DREM Cell)

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Product Description
Product Description
Droplet Entrapping Microfluidic Cell-sorter (DREM Cell) is an ultra high throughput single cell sorting platform developed based on droplet microfluidic technology. By using the latest microfluidic technology, thousands of micro droplets (PL) can occur every second, and the cells are wrapped in the droplets, which can carry out biological and biochemical processes such as growth, lysis, metabolism, reaction, and fully combine with the fluorescent sieve in the droplets to produce fluorescent signals of different intensities; Then, the low yield and high yield cells are sorted out by using the micro droplet sorting technology through the fluorescence signal, so as to realize the high-throughput quantification of the sorting process.
Compared with the traditional orifice plate screening system, the screening rate of this system is increased by 104 times, and the reagent consumption is reduced to 1/106. Compared with flow cytometry, this method can efficiently sort various properties of enzymes (expression, activity, stability, stereoselectivity, substrate specificity, etc.), metabolites, antibodies and other targets. The instrument is simple and convenient to operate, with little pollution risk to the sample, no damage, consumables are discarded with use, and no pollution residue.
Product Parameters
Product Parameters
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