-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Vaccine Freezer 398 L

• Fast refrigeration for target temperature
• High-efficiency compressor, Hydrocarbon environmental refrigerant
• Ultra low noise design for environment friendly
• Reduce power consumption of the freezer by 40%
• Equipped with VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate
Cat. No. Description Specification Capacity Unit Price Quantity
LRE1389051-01 Upright Type Temperature Range: -40°C to -86°C 398 L Each $4,720

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Product Description
Product Description
Amerigo Scientific -86°C HC ultra low temperature freezer brings super updates in ultra low temperature freezer series. The new structure of the deep freezer for laboratory and medical comes with 2 independent inner doors. The optimized foaming insulation inside the doors provides better temperature performance. This ultra low freezer/ lab freezer is specially designed to meet the demands for long-term and safe storage of the high-valued medical and laboratory materials.

High configuration control system
The ultra low freezer has a new look 7 inches LED touch screen display, giving you more user-friendly and convenient interface. And it makes sure the temperature display accurately in 0.1°C. And you are free to set the inside temperature from -40°C~-86°C.

Safety alarm system
This ultra cold freezer provides 10 types of audible and visible alarms. The safety alarm system includes high or low temperature alarm, , door ajar alarm, power failure alarm, Condenser overheating alarm, and system failure alarm.

Exquisite structure design
The freezer medical and laboratory ultra low freezer is designed with 2 independent inner doors with foaming insulation, which can ensure better temperature performance. The external material is made of high quality structure steel, while inner material is made of stainless steel. And the storage structure is designed with 3 high strengt SUS304 shelves, which is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.
▪ Equipped with SECOP compressor and famous Germany brand EBM fans.
▪ Adopted CFC-free patent hydrocarbon refrigerant for fast refrigeration and ensuring environment friendly.
▪ PT-100 platinum resistance sensors for sensitively detecting the temperature changes.
▪ Lockable keyboard and password protected to prevent from adjusting parameters without authorizing.
▪ Equipped with VIP Plus vacuum insulation panel in 130mm foaming insulation to ensure the stability of temperature.
▪ Designed with lockable front door with full height handle to prevent from unauthorized access.
▪ For safe storage, it allows machine startup delay and power off protection.
▪ For the casters, it is fitted with 4 PCS casters and 2 leveling feet for easy moving.
▪ The optional configurations are warning lamp, smart temperature monitor system, temperature recorder, and CO2 back-up system.
▪ Certificate: CE certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485.
Product Details
Product Type
Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
Upright Type
Temperature Range: -40°C to -86°C
-86°C HC Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
  Cabinet Type Upright
Capacity(L) 398
Internal Size(W*D*H)mm 440*696*1266
External Size(W*D*H)mm 785*1041*1947
Package Size(W*D*H)mm 890*1165*2158(wooden package)
NW/GW(Kgs) 237/319
Temperature Range -40~-86°C
Ambient Temperature 16-32°C
Cooling Performance -86°C
Climate Class N
Controller Microprocessor
Display  Touch screen
Compressor 2pcs
Cooling Method Direct Cooling
Defrost Mode Manual
Refrigerant HC
Insulation Thickness(mm) 130
External Material Cold rolled steel sheet
Inner Material Stainless steel
Shelves 3(stainless steel)
Door Lock with Key Yes
External Lock Yes
Access Port 2pcs. Ø 25 mm
Casters 4+(2 leveling feet)
Data Logging/Interval/Recording Time USB/Record every 1 minutes / 365days
Backup Battery Yes
Temperature High/Low temperature,High ambient temperature
Electrical Power failure
System Sensor failure,Communication error,Condenser overheating alarm,Door ajar,System failure
Standard Remote alarm contact
Options Chart recorder, CO2 backup system
Application Description
This HC ultra low temperature freezer can be used as laboratory freezer, ultra low medical freezer and deep freezer, suitable for applying in hospitals, health and disease prevention systems, colleges and universities, research institutions, the electronic industry, laboratories in colleges and universities, biological engineering, and more.
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