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      • Overview
        • A novel-generation 3D cell culture bioreactor for rapid cell colonization in a 3D manner enabling an in vitro real reconstruction of tissue complexity, in an in vivo-like microenvironment.
          VITVO it’s a ready to use, flat and handheld bioreactor, integrating scaffold for the establishment of in vitro 3D cell culture model that can be used for a large number of research applications and pre-clinical investigations. This in vitro 3D cell culture technology offers also a solution for precision medicine approaches.

          HOW TO WORK
          VITVO 3D Bioreactor’s matrix inner core is a fiber-based 3D scaffold optimized for cell retainment, engraftment, and colonization. Cells colonize within the 3D matrix by adhering to the fibers , or forming aggregates within 90% of its empty volume. Our cell culture bioreactor can host human and animal cells – making it a concrete solution for reducing and replacing small animal studies with both ethical and economic impacts in drug development.

          -Three dimensional (3D) platforms have potential to provide more physiologic environments for cell culture in drug discovery and toxicology than classical 2D culture systems.
          -3D culture allows a greater predictivity of efficacy and toxicity before putative drugs move into pre-clinical animal testing and towards clinics, lowering the attrition rate of drug development.
          -3D cultures retain the advantage to mimic an in vivo-like context enabling drug safety and efficacy testing in a human avatar environment.
          -3D culture leads to a different modulation of gene expression, ultimately influencing the antigenic profile of the cells and closely mimicking an in vivo environment.

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      • Properties
        • Categories
          3D bioreactor
          Matrix volume: 4 cm2 (area) x 400 µm (thickness)
          Empty volume: 90% of matrix volume
          Other Properties
          Biological safety: Inert, biocompatible and xeno-free; DNAse/RNAse free
          Sterilization: Electron-beam processing
          Two years shelf life

          * Research use only

      • Applications
        • Application Description
          • To address chemotherapy/TKI efficacy in 3D To minimize animal uses (3R)
          • To address cell therapies efficacy (possibility to load Targets and Effectors at variable ratios in a 3D relevant model CAR-T, MSC)
          • To address biologics efficacy in 3D (PD/PK), i.e tumor penetration of a monoclonal antibody
          • To address putative drug toxicity in 3D (hepatocytes)
          • To host tumor spheroids (Glioblastoma) also loaded in the two faces
          • Cancer metabolomics (i.e. tumor/stroma interaction)
          • Histology testing after cell loading (methacrylate embedding)
          • Histology testing after cytotoxicity (surrogate of minimal residual disease)
          • Migration assays in 3D


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