Tissue Transglutaminase Microassay Kit

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          Microtiter strips with covalently bound spermine 12x 8-wells strips
          R1: DTT 0.2 mL
          R2: EDTA (Negative Control) 0.5 mL
          R3: Reaction Buffer (biotin-pepT26/ CaCl2 ) 2 vials (Lyophilized powder)
          R4: Enzyme Tracer (SAv-HRP) 50 µL
          R5: Wash Buffer 10X, 30 mL
          R6: Diluent Buffer 10X, 10 mL
          R7: HRP Substrate Solution 12 mL
          R8: Blocking Reagent 6 mL
          The Kit contains also recombinant tissue transglutaminase for calibration purposes.
          The kit is shipped on ice. Upon arrival, the Reaction Buffer (R3) and Enzyme Tracer (R4) should be stored at –20°C. All the other components of the kit should be kept at +4°C. When stored properly, these stock solutions are stable for at least 24 months.

          * Kit produced and Developed by CovalAb, FranceIntended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications.

      • Applications
        • Application
          Photometric Activity Assay
          Application Description
          Colorimetric measurement of transglutaminase activity, optimized for tissue transglutaminase
      • Reference
        • Perez Alea et al., Anal. Biochem. 2009, 389:150-156

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