Soluble Collagen

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      • Overview
        • Like all Viscofan BioEngineering collagen products, our soluble collagen is derived from bovine skin and provides in-vivo-like conditions to positively influence adherence, growth and differentiation of your cells. The nature-like matrix to promote authentic cell performance is well suited for
          • tissue engineering e.g. of skin, osteogenic, endothelial, hepatocytic and other tissues
          • analysis of cell migration, e.g. at metastasis, wound healing or development
          Soluble collagen can be used as a thin coating for 2D cell culture in any cell culture dish. For use in 3D cell culture, collagen hydrogels can be generated using standard protocols. The high collagen concentration of 5 mg/ml provides freedom to select the optimal gel density for your cells.
          In addition, this flexible matrix may be mixed with factors like other ECM components, antibiotics or growth factors, e.g. for directed cell manipulation. Supplemental cross-linking by the user is also feasible.

          • Improvement of cell adherence
          • Natural signals for cell growth, migration and differentiation
          • High concentration for flexible use
          • Long shelf life

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      • Properties
        • Other Properties
          sterile, pipettable solution
          produced without enzymatic treatment
          long shelf-life
      • Applications
        • Application
          Cell culture
          Application Description
          Flexible solution for 2D and 3D cell cultures
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