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    Amerigo Scientific provides a next-generation 3D cell culture bioreactor for rapid colonization of cells in a 3D manner, enabling the reconstruction of real tissue complexity in vitro in a microenvironment like that in vivo.

    VITVO is a ready to use, flat and handheld bioreactor, integrating scaffold for the establishment of in vitro 3D cell culture model that can be used for many research applications and pre-clinical investigations. This in vitro 3D cell culture technology offers also a solution for precision medicine approaches.



    Time Saving Portability
    VITVO® is a ready-to-use device for rapid loading, cell colonization, fast monitoring, and obtainment of results (readouts after few hours). Self-contained technology ensures easy handling, transportability, and minimization of contaminations all while maintaining gas exchanges.
    Accuracy Reproducibility
    The tissues created in VITVO® closely mimics the in vivo microenvironment, providing a parallelism with in vivo studies. The standardized procedures of production and use of VITVO® lead to a homogeneous distribution of cells with highly reproducible readouts.
    Sizing Flexibility
    Technical features of VITVO® are compatible with millions of cells (5-7X more than 2D culture) reducing the over-efficacy bias of the miniaturized 2D cultures. VITVO® offers the optimal compromise between the reduction of culture medium volume (1,4 ml) and a successful creation of a tissue structure. Versatility to different R&D strategies and more complex applications (i.e., co-cultures and microfluidics). The platform can host different cell types (normal/tumoral) simultaneously.

    Operating Principle

    Operating Principle


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