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  • Nanopore sequencing is the latest generation of commercialized sequencing technology, greatly expanding the applications of gene sequencing with advantages such as long-read, real-time capability, and portability. In nanopore sequencing, DNA/RNA molecules disrupt electrical current in a characteristic manner of their base composition as they pass through protein nanopore channels. The sequence information of DNA/RNA molecules is obtained by detecting and analyzing the generated signals.

    Amerigo Scientific provides portable and benchtop QNome/QPursue gene sequencers based on nanopore sequencing technology as convenient and cost-effective solutions for research and applications in life sciences and related fields.

    QNome Nanopore Sequencers

    QNome-3841 is compact, portable, and easy to operate sequencer that has capable of direct sequencing. QNome-3841 nanopore sequencer is equipped with a proprietary flow cell named Qcell-384 with a design throughput of 5Gb. It is suitable for small laboratories, outdoor, and application scenarios with high timeliness requirements. The use of QNome-3841 enables the immediate detection of samples and greatly shorten the sequencing time.

    QNome-3841hex is a desktop nanopore sequencer with flexible throughput and convenient operation, which can achieve fast and accurate gene sequencing. QNome-3841hex nanopore sequencer is the updated version of QNome-3841 that supports up to 6 flow cells to run independently and produces up to 30Gb data to meet the needs of high-throughput sequencing. The sequencing of QNome-3841hex can be started at different times and it is feasible to use single or multiple flow cells, which greatly increases the flexibility of sequencing and maximizes cost savings.

    QNome nanopore sequencers can applied for small genome sequencing, targeted sequencing, and metagenomic sequencing.

    Product Name Number of flow cells Number of channels per flow cell Theoretical max output* Run time** Longest read Raw read accuracy Consensus accuracy (70X)
    QNome-3841 1 384 5Gb 1min-72h >4Mb V1 flow cell and reagents: 92%,
    V2 flow cell and reagents: 97%
    V1 flow cell and reagents: 99.99%,
    V2 flow cell and reagents: 99.999%
    QNome-3841hex 6 30Gb

    QNome-3841 Portable Nanopore SequencerQNome-3841 Portable Nanopore Sequencer

    QNome-3841hex Desktop Nanopore SequencerQNome-3841hex Desktop Nanopore Sequencer

    QPursue Nanopore Sequencers

    Built upon the upgrading and optimization of nanopore sequencing technology, the QPursue sequencing significantly improves throughput and accuracy, while significantly reducing the sequencing cost per unit throughout. QPursue portable and desktop sequencers are available to meet a variety of sequencing needs.

    The QPursue-6k is a portable nanopore sequencer equipped with a silicon-based flow cell with a throughput of 60Gb. Silicon-based flow cell can provide stable sequencing performance and data output, with strong anti-interference and high accuracy. The number of channels per flow cell is more than 6000, which greatly improves the sequencing throughput.

    QPursue-6khex is a desktop sequencer that can run 1 to 6 flow cells for sequencing. Since the throughput of a flow cell is 60Gb, the output of QPursue-6khex could theoretically reach 360Gb, which can meet the needs of high-throughput and flexible sequencing.

    Product Name Number of flow cells Number of channels per flow cell Theoretical max output* Run time** Longest read Raw read accuracy Consensus accuracy (70X)
    QPursue-6k 1 >6000 60Gb 1min-72h >4Mb V1 flow cell and reagents: 92%,
    V2 flow cell and reagents: 97%
    V1 flow cell and reagents: 99.99%,
    V2 flow cell and reagents: 99.999%
    QPursue-6khex 6 360Gb

    *The output is related to the sequencing time. The more data is generated, the longer the run time.
    **The sequencing process initiates, and data output begins within 1 minute. The sequencing time can be independently controlled according to the experimental purposes, up to 72 hours.

    QPursue-6k Portable Nanopore SequencerQPursue-6k Portable Nanopore Sequencer

    QPursue-6khex Desktop Nanopore SequencerQPursue-6khex Desktop Nanopore Sequencer

    Technical Principle

    Nanopore strand sequencing is the core technology route of QNome/QPursue gene sequencers. Individual nucleic acid molecule is driven through a nanoscale protein pore continuously in single-stranded form under the dual control of electrical force and motor protein. Different bases passing through the nanopore will produce different degrees of ionic current blockades. By acquiring and analyzing the time-varying electrical current signal, the corresponding base sequence information can be identified in real time to realize the sequencing of nucleic acid molecules.

    Technical Principle

    Flow Cells and Kits

    Product Name Description Size
    QCell-384 Sequencing Flow Cell Compatible with QNome-3841 and QNome-3841hex nanopore sequencers 6/box
    QCell-6k Sillicon-based Flow Cell Compatible with QPursue-6k and QPursue-6khex nanopore sequencers 6/box
    Rapid Library Prep and Sequencing Kit Suitable for QNome-3841/-3841hex and Pursue-6k/-6khex nanopore sequencers 1 kit
    Sequencing Kit 6 rxns/kit
    Library Prep Kit 6 rxns/kit

    Features of QNome/QPursue Sequencers

    • Direct Sequencing

    The target nucleic acid can be detected directly without the need of PCR amplification, which effectively reduces the sequencing error.

    • Simple operation

    Library preparation is simple and fast, and the sequencing process can be started by one-button easy operation using the supporting sequencing system.

    • Low cost

    Compared with the traditional sequencer, the price of our nanopore sequencers is more affordable. The start-up cost is reasonable, because there is no need to gather the specified number of samples.

    • Ultra-long read lengths

    Our sequencers enable ultra-long read lengths and facilitate the detection of complex genomic regional and structural variants.

    • Fast

    Significant time savings can be achieved by real-time output of sequencing data with concurrent analysis.

    • Compact and Portable

    Due to their small size and light weight, the portable sequencers are portable for on-site use, enabling sample sequencing at the source.

    Parameters of QPursue/QNome Sequencers

      QNome-3841 QNome-3841hex QPursue-6k QPursue-6khex
    Size 122mm*126mm*48mm 400mm*321mm*120mm 150mm*150mm*66mm 355mm*408mm*126mm
    Weight 0.8kg 10kg 1.6kg 13kg
    Storage Temperature 10°C-30°C
    Storage Humidity 10%-80%
    Working Temperature 10°C-25°C
    Working Humidity 35%-85%, no condensations
    Power DC12V, 24W 100-240VAC (50/60Hz), 120w DC12V, 36W 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
    The output power is not less than 200W
    System Ubuntu 22.04LTS
    Hardware Memory 32GB RAM 64GB RAM 128GB RAM 128GB RAM
    Hardware Storage 2T SSD 2T SSD 2T SSD+4T SSD+16T SATA 2T SSD+4T SSD*2+16T SATA*2
    GPU NVIDIA RTX A4000 NVIDIA RTX A4000*2 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080*2
    CPU Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 7 Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 Intel Core i7 /AMD Ryzen 7 Intel Core i9 /AMD Ryzen 9

    QNome/QPursue Nanopore Sequencing Process

    Simple and fast sequencing process makes sequencing data acquisition more efficient.

    QNome/QPursue Nanopore Sequencing Process

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