Prevention calls for affordable, high quality devices. Amerigo Scientific offers cell sampling products that move away from the traditional rigid spatulas and the harsh nylon bristle combinations. Enhancements with the even finer bristle technology have led to more innovative devices and self-sampler products.

All cell sampling devices are manufactured to the highest standards of quality to ensure the safety and effectiveness of products. Through process control and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes to reduce variance to achieve the production of devices with fewer defects and higher reliability.


  • Easy to use, non-invasive versus histological methods.
  • The design enables optimal collection, storage and release of cell material.
  • Representative sample that can be processed with conventional as well as liquid based cytology (LBC) and also be used for bacteriological testing, virus testing, and DNA analysis.
  • Optional detachable brush head can be supplied depending on the LBC method used.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Because the hairs are soft and flexible, the mucosal surface is well sampled but not damaged, thus reducing the number of unsatisfactory smears. Multiple types cell sampling devices can be used for LBC as well as conventional cytology and further triage with molecular testing. The hydrophobic material of the devices facilitates the release of the cell material into the fluid.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection of oral cancer could improve therapeutic results and reduce morbidity and mortality. Exfoliative cytology is a simple non-aggressive technique that is well accepted by the patient, and and is an attractive option for early diagnosis of oral cancer. The Orcellex® Brush is an innovative device that allows easy collection of cells from all layers of the oral epithelium for diagnostic and research applications like LBC and PCR.

Anal Cancer Screening

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection has been implicated as the prerequisite for the development of the majority of anogenital malignancies, so it is necessary to implement screening to prevent anal cancer in HIV-infected population. The Anex® Brush allows for optimal sampling of the anal canal without the need for a proctoscope or anoscope. The entire anal canal is sampled, including the anal transformation zone.

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