Barkey warming center III DTM

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      • Overview
        • The Barkey warming center III is a heating cabinet for heating infusion solutions and textiles. With a capacity of approx. 270 litres, the device offers space for large volumes.
          As the big brother of the Barkey warming center II, the Barkey warming center III also works with air circulation technology. This sucks in air, cleans it in a filter and allows the heated air in the interior of the heating cabinet to circulate optimally. A large glass door is installed for visual inspection of the product.

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          class IIa medical device
          665 x 1810 x 620 mm (WxHxD; depth incl. wall clearance and door handle)
          9 height adjustable shelves, automatic turn off when door open
          Other Properties
          Set temperature: +42°C +/- 3°C at +22°C ambient temperature
          Overtemperature protection: elektronic +46°C, mechanical +51°C
          Volume (capacity): 270 Litres
          CE 0123
      • Applications
        • Application Description
          The Barkey warming center III offers a lot of space with 270 litres. Nine shelves can be individually positioned in the heating cabinet to heat infusions and warming blankets. The use of the heating cabinet is very simple: open the glass door, remove the infusion or warming blanket and apply.

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