Barkey plasmatherm V

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      • Overview
        • The Barkey plasmatherm V thaws FFP and warms blood, erythrocyte concentrates (EC), Octaplas LG® or infusion solutions up to 30 % faster compared to the standard plasmatherm.

          Thanks to the innovative paddle with Smart Motion Technology, the plasmatherm V thaws FFP in about 7 minutes* and is up to 30% faster than the standard plasmatherm.
          The paddle mixes the water in the heating cushions and the bags. This allows you to thaw significantly faster – while maintaining the same level of safety, reliability and hygiene.
          * Own measurement: values till ice free, bags used: 600 ml CompFlow by Fresenius, volume: approx. 265 ml; thawing times are always depending on volume, thickness of the bag and folding etc.; measured at 45°C set temperature and 1 bag.

          ▎ TECHNOLOGY
          To make optimum use of the Barkey plasmatherm V, up to four bags are placed on the paddle between two temperature control cushions filled with water. Here, the water is pumped into the temperature control cushions and circulates there continuously. This dry-tempering process guarantees constant temperatures with minimal fluctuations that comply with the applicable guidelines for blood and blood products.[1],[2],[3],[4].
          Product safety in accordance with hygiene guidelines is ensured, as the bags are not in direct contact with the heating medium water (dry tempering). The temperature control cushions offer the advantage of ideal conformity to the shape of the products. Integrated moisture sensors detect leaks at an early stage and alert the user to possible deviations by means of visual and acoustic signals. The visual inspection of the bags through a transparent lid unit enables the monitoring of sensitive blood and blood products. The safety of the preparation and its biological value are permanently ensured by a preset temperature limit.
          The user can choose between 5 preset programs for blood, plasma (FFP), Octaplas[5], and a special user program (US version different).
          The Barkey plasmatherm V also stands for sustainability. The product does not require any additional consumables. In accordance with the latest quality standards, the Barkey plasmatherm V is manufactured according to ISO 13485 standard. The Barkey plasmatherm V is also approved by the FDA.

          [1] Querschnitts-Leitlinien zur Therapie mit Blutkomponenten und Plasmaderivaten,4. überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage 2014, Herausgegeben vom Vorstand der Bundesärztekammer auf Empfehlung des wissenschaftlichen Beirats
          [2] Lockwood, W.B., Leonard, J., Liles, S.L. (2008): Storage, Monitoring, Pretransfusion Processing, and Distribution of Blood components, in AABB Technical Manual Chapter 9, S. 292
          [3] O’Shaughnessy, D.F., Atterbury, C., Bolton Maggs, P., Murphy, M., Thomas, D., Yates, S., Williamson, L.M. (2004):Guidelines for the use of fresh-frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate and cryosupernatant, The British Society for Heamatology, 126, 11-28, S. 18
          [4] Dumont, L.J., Papari, M., Aronson, C.A., Dumont, D.F. (2014): Whole-blood collection and component processing, in: Fung, M.K., Grossman, B.J., Hillyer, C.D., Westhoff, C.M., AABB Technical Manual. 18th edition, Bethesda, S. 151
          [5] Definition Octaplas: „Octaplas® LG, ein pathogeninaktiviertes und sehr gut verträgliches Humanplasma“, (23.05.2018)

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      • Properties
        • Categories
          class IIa medical device
          340 x 600 x 320 mm (WxDxH)
          Other Properties
          Power supply: 220-240 V 50/60 Hz or 100-120 V 50/60 Hz
          Documentation software: Barkey TCP Logging Tool
          Documentation software Barkey TCP Logging Tool (included);
          Barcode scanner (optional)
          CE 0123; DIN EN ISO 13485; US FDA 510 (k) cleared
      • Applications
        • Application Description
          The Barkey plasmatherm V is designed for simple and intuitive handling and offers additional operating features. For example, menu navigation in the national language, short-cut programs, and optional documentation software are available.
          The short-cut programs for blood, plasma, octaplas and user can be customized in terms of time and temperature (if compliant with applicable and national transfusion guidelines). The Barkey plasmatherm V can be used in a temperature range between +37°C and +45°C (in the USA only up to +37°C).
          The cleaning effort for the user is also minimal. Thus, a water change of the Barkey plasmatherm V is only required once a year. Regular wipe disinfection of the temperature control chamber is recommended.
          The Barkey plasmatherm V offers the possibility of electronic documentation of the heating or thawing process. The Barkey TCP Logging Tool can be used to document barcodes, user of the device, temperature control time and temperature of the executed program, etc.

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