Barkey autoline 4R XPT

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      • Overview
        • Barkey warming devices heat blood and blood products as well as infusion solutions directly to the patient.
          The Barkey autocontrol represents the control unit to which the Barkey autoline is connected. The Barkey autocontrol controls the temperature of the Barkey autoline and heats blood and infusion solutions with the green Barkey autoline warming profile – similar to the Barkey S-line.
          The Barkey warming system, consisting of autocontrol and autoline as well as optional autotherm, offers the possibility to choose between a temperature range of +33°C to +43°C compared to the Barkey S-line. This allows higher flow rates to be achieved than, for example, with the Barkey S-line.

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          class IIb medical device
          Other Properties
          Available for I.V.: set 5 mm and 7 mm, available lenght 1.5 m
          Set temperature +33°C to +43°C (default: +37°C)
          Access line 2 m; mains supply Barkey autocontrol 3 XPT
          CE 0123
      • Applications
        • Application Description
          In analogy to the Barkey S-line, the Barkey autocontrol is first attached to an infusion stand or standard rail and switched on. As soon as this step is completed, the Barkey autoline is connected to the control unit. The display shows the automatic connection of the heat profile as well as the set value. Insert a standard infusion set into the green warming profile and the Barkey warming system is ready for use. The use of disposable articles is completely dispensed with.

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