Cell cryopreservation is a technique that allows cells to maintain their cellular viability and function at low temperatures, usually -80 °C or -196 °C. With the development of stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, assisted human reproduction and transfusion medicine, cell cryopreservation has become an important supporting technology for these cell-based applications. During the freeze-thaw cycle, cells inevitably suffer cryoinjuries, including solution injury and ice injury. Cryoprotectants (CPAs) play a key role in protecting cells from these cryoinjuries. CPAs can be classified into two major groups based on their permeability or nonpermeability to cell membranes. Permeating CPAs mainly include organic solvents such as glycerol and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is often combined with organic solvents to supplement extracellular cryopreservation. However, the use of FBS presents a potential direct path of cell culture contamination. Serum of animal origin carries a risk of inducing viral infection and immunogenicity in patients. Serum-free media alleviate the difficulties caused by the availability and cost of FBS. The risk of exposure to harmful diseases can be reduced by using serum-free media for long-term storage of cells.

BAMBANKER® Cell Freezing Medium Series

Amerigo Scientific offers BAMBANKER® series of ready-to-use, serum-free cell freezing media for long-term stable storage of cells, especially sensitive cell lines. With its innovative formulation that simplifies the freezing process and greatly increases cell viability, BAMBANKER® can be used to cryopreserve any type of cell, including fragile cells such as embryonic stem cells. This series of cell freezing media is available in several formulations, including serum-free, xeno-free, and DMSO-free formats. The use of BAMBANKER® media enables cell viability to be greatly enhanced during the freeze-thaw cycle.


  • Serum-free, Ready-to-use
  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant facilities
  • No programmed or sequential freezing required
  • Rapid and long-term freezing and preservation of cells at -80 °C
  • Sterile and safe by endotoxin, mycoplasma negativity, fungal, and bacterial tests

Product Range

Product Name Type Application Size
BAMBANKER® Serum-free, containing 10% DMSO For cryopreservation of all cell types 20mL×5; 120mL
BAMBANKER® Direct Serum-free Added directly to culture media to cryopreserve cells without centrifugation of the collected cells 20mL
BAMBANKER® hRM Serum-free, Xeno-free For cryopreserving human derived cells including T lymphocytes 20mL; 120mL
BAMBANKER® DMSO Free DMSO-free, Serum-free For cryopreservation of all cell types 20mL


BAMBANKER® is a serum-free medium for long-term freezing at -80°C and preservation of cells such as tumor and normal cells. It has been used by many researchers since its launch in 1999. Unlike conventional cell freezing media, BAMBANKER® without serum eliminates variation between product lots and enables stable and efficient cell freezing.

BAMBANKER® is available for all cell lines. The following cells were well preserved with BAMBANKER® as verified by cryopreservation tests.

  • P3U1 (mouse myeloma cell line)
  • Human gastric epithelial cells
  • Daudi (human B cell line)
  • Human B cell line
  • Monkey B cell line
  • Activated lymphocyte derived from human peripheral blood
  • K562 (human leukemia cell line)
  • Human γδ T cell
  • PC12 (rat-derived adrenal pheochromocytoma)
  • OKT4 (mouse hybridoma)
  • Mouse ES cell line
  • Activated lymphocyte derived from mouse spleen

Validation Examples

Validation Examples

Mouse fibroblast cell lines (MEF) (4×106 cells per vial) from American Type Culture Collection were stored at -80 °C for 45 days. Cells were directly placed in a storage box and cooled without using BICELL, etc. After being thawed, 5×104 cells were inoculated into a 24-well culture plate with 1 ml DMEM medium, and cell density in each culture area was measured by successive time-lapse imaging.

A number of dead cells as well as stagnation of growth potential were observed in self-prepared preservative solution. Cells preserved with BAMBANKER® showed strong cell proliferation after being thawed, and survival of almost all cells was confirmed.


Bambanker™ Direct is a novel serum-free cell freezing medium, which can be added directly to culture medium without centrifuging the collected cells. After cells are suspended, they can be frozen and stored at -80 °C. Cells can also be stored in liquid nitrogen after freezing at −80°C for about 12 hours. With our Bambanker™ Direct, tedious freezing preparation steps are no longer required, which maximizes the efficiency of of cell freezing.

Bambanker™ Direct can be added directly to cells without washing and without centrifugation and improves cell recovery and viability, making it specially suitable for many fragile cells such as hybridoma cells and HTP applications.

  • OKT4 (mouse hybridoma)
  • HEK293 (human embryonic kidney cell line)
  • HEK293T (human embryonic kidney cell line)
  • K562 (human chronic myeloid leukemia cell line)
  • C2C12 (mouse skeletal muscle cell line)
  • PC12 (rat adrenal medulla tumor cell line)
  • HeLa (human uterine cervical cancer cell line)

Operating Procedure

Operating Procedure


BAMBANKER® hRM is a xeno-free, serum-free cryopreservation medium for cryopreserving human derived cells. Cells can be cryopreserved in a ultra low temperature freezer immediately after being suspended with BAMBANKER® hRM.

BAMBANKER® hRM is formulated without bovine serum albumin and other animal-derived materials that may affect cell performance. Using Bambanker® hRM containing human serum albumin can improve the survivability of primate embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (ES/iPS cells), which are extremely sensitive to cryopreservation.

BAMBANKER® hRM can be used for cryopreserving human derived cells such as:

  • Human T lymphocytes
  • Human iPS cells
  • Common marmoset ES cells
  • Human iPS-derived neural cells
  • Human iPS-derived cardiomyocytes
  • Human iPS-derived liver cells


Dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) is free to penetrate the cell membrane, disrupts ice crystal nucleation by forming hydrogen bonds with intracellular water molecules, and prevents dehydration by reducing the amount of water absorbed by the ice crystals. However, long-term exposure to DMSO can interfere with cell metabolism, enzyme activity, cell cycle, and apoptosis, thereby negatively affecting cell function and growth. Even very low concentrations of DMSO can affect cellular processes by causing differential expression of thousands of genes, altering DNA methylation profiles, and tissue-specific miRNA dysregulation, and may affect stem cells by inducing unnecessary differentiation.

To address these problems, BAMBANKER® DMSO Free was developed for long-term cryopreservation of valuable cells. BAMBANKER® DMSO Free is a serum-free, DMSO-free cell cryopreservation medium that allows rapid long-term freezing and preservation of frozen cells at −80°C. Cells also can be stored in liquid nitrogen after freezing at -80°C for about 12 hours.

BAMBANKER® DMSO Free is available for all cell lines. The following cells were well preserved with BAMBANKER® DMSO Free as verified by cryopreservation tests.

  • Jurkat (Human leukemia T cell line)
  • HEK293 (Human embryonic kidney cell line)
  • HepG2 (Human liver cancer cell line)

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